What is the Council?

The Council is one of the essential innovation facilitators within the Hodl Finance ecosystem. It is a group of specialists from a range of different fields that have an affinity with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Their specialisms range from business development, finance, legal, gaming to NFT's. All Council members will be added to the website's foundation page to make it a transparant group which the community is fully aware of.
The Council will start with a group between 10 and 15 council members.

What does the Council do?

Since we want to ensure the efficiency of the treasury funds’ spending, a selection process was designed to go through all proposals. The Council will carry out a vetting procedure before voting by the community is possible. This will create the best governance structure for the implementation of valuable innovation.
The Council will review the proposals submitted that passed the preselection and will decide if a proposal is valid for community voting. This is done based on the innovation, milestones, legal aspects, and benefits for the Hodl Finance ecosystem.