The fuel for innovation

The long-term growth of the Hodl Finance ecosystem is possible because the treasury will be filled with HFT tokens. The inflow of HFT tokens will be used for future innovation decided upon by the community.
To be as transparent as possible a dashboard has been created where everyone can see and track how the foundation performs and how the treasury is filled. The treasury will solely be used to grow the Hodl Finance ecosystem. By providing transparency, we want to ensure that our community actively participates in decisions over future developments.
The treasury is filled when the value of the Foundation holdings is above the Inflow Base (IB) value. The surplus will be converted from BTC to BNB tokens, then HFT will be bought from the market at random times so the treasury can get filled. There will be a deduction of 10% to be used for development and operational costs. By buying back HFT tokens we will also create scarcity of the HFT token which benefits all our Hodlers. Again, a deflationary mechanism!