Hodl Finance DAO

The first Market Making and Investment DAO creating community-driven liquid markets and opportunities within the crypto space.
At Hodl Finance DAO (HFD), our mission revolves around disrupting the Market Making landscape and ensuring that the participants receive their fair share. Through the sale of the Bonding Treasury tokens, HFD utilizes the liquidity generated to employ cutting-edge algorithms that lead to Realized Profits. We aim to make liquid markets by upholding a transparent architecture and embracing public governance.
$HFD is designed to obtain value based on its utility and performance and utility. The token is built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The ecosystem consists of several treasuries, including Bonding, Staking, Trading, Operations, and Research & Development and the Market Making & Investments Layer, all working in tandem for the benefit of the DAO and its participants.
Bonding Treasury
In order to secure liquidity for the Market Making algorithm, the DAO uses bonding swaps to gather liquidity from buyers. These buyers, in return, receive discounted HFD tokens in exchange for their participation. The liquidity gathered through this process is then directed towards the trading treasury, which is utilized for effective market making.
Staking Treasury
Bought tokens in the Bonding Treasury will automatically participate in the SSS. To incentivize early backers to become long-term DAO participants the Staking Treasury is established. Receiving rewards for dedicating their tokens to the Staking Treasury will cause them to grow in governance power.
Trading Treasury
The Trading Treasury distributes the funds from the bonding swaps towards the Market Making and Investments Layer. The Trading Treasury is a secured multi-signature wallet managed by multiple Core Contributors of the DAO.
Active Market Making & Investments layer
The funds from the Trading Treasury will be diversified in various fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies to actively Market Make with. In addition to Market Making, HFD explores investment opportunities in new and emerging crypto startups.
Operations Treasury
To cover the costs of all day-to-day operations of the DAO, the Operations Treasury is established. The Operations Treasury will be managed by HoFiDa Limited on behalf of the DAO.
Research & Development Treasury
The R&D Treasury is made to support new ideas and proposals. It allows the DAO to develop prototypes and Minimum Viable Products d. Just like the Trading Treasury, the Research & Development Treasury is also a secured multi-signature wallet managed by multiple Core Contributors of the DAO.