Operations Treasury

In an ideal world, the complete DAO is registered in the Metaverse. HFD wouldn't have to pay taxes, do administration, or do any marketing. Sadly that doesn't take us far. This is why the DAO has established an Operations Treasury, which serves as a means of efficiently executing necessary operations. This includes, but is not limited to, marketing, legal, administration, and tax-related processes.
It has been agreed upon by the community to allocate a portion of both the Realized Profits and total supply of $HFD towards the Operations Treasury. Specifically, 25% of the Realized Profits and 10% of the total $HFD token supply is directed towards this purpose.
In order to ensure the proper use of these funds, the Operations Treasury is safeguarded with a multi-signature wallet, which has five signers to provide an added layer of security and oversight. The community has determined that a minimum of three signatories must be in agreement before funds from the Operations Treasury may be released for their designated purposes.