Research & Development Treasury

HFD acknowledges that innovative concepts require significant resources to be successfully executed. With this in mind, the DAO has established a Research and Development (R&D) Treasury to support the incubation of new ideas and proposals. It is proposed that 10% of the Realized Profits be directed towards this Treasury. The R&D Treasury operates in stealth mode, enabling the DAO to develop prototypes and Minimum Viable Products without revealing the underlying ideas, which reduces the risk of other entities replicating the DAO's work and eroding its first-mover advantage.
It is important to note that the funds allocated to the R&D Treasury will only be used to benefit the DAO and its holders. To ensure security and proper oversight, the R&D Treasury is equipped with a multi-signature wallet with five signers. A minimum of three signatories are required to authorize the release of funds from the R&D Treasury for their designated purposes.