Marketing treasury (3%)

What is the marketing treasury?

The marketing treasury has been implemented after proposal 001 was approved by the community. It will be used for all marketing related actions so that the word of Hodl Finance will be spread. Same as for Reflection and Foundation, the smart contracts automatically send 3 percent out of the 10 percent Network fee to the Marketing treasury.
Hodl Finance is an ecosystem created for constant innovation which means new projects being introduced constantly. If those projects are marketed in the right way, it will funnel community and volume right back to Hodl Finance since the incubated projects and Hodl Finance are intertwined.
Of course, we will also invest in marketing for Hodl Finance itself, but in that case it will be to encourage pioneers to bring their innovative ideas to our ecosystem.

What was the reason behind the marketing treasury?

Hodl Finance thrives by the people interacting with the smart contract. It means that selling, buying and sending the HFT token will benefit the whole ecosystem, marketing will enhance this.
Initially, a large part of the network fee went to the Foundation Trading Algorithms, but we noticed that the amount flowing there was continually dropping. It was because the interest of people was difficult to maintain with minimal marketing efforts in a market going downwards. That was when we initiated the idea to implement the marketing treasury earlier than planned.
It is a simple calculation because if the marketing treasury generates enough attention and volume to make up for the deduction of network fee going to the Foundation, we will end up with a bigger community, more attention for incubated projects and an equal, or possibly even larger amount going to the Foundation.
The Marketing of Hodl Finance will be funded out of the Marketing treasury but much more importantly: We will encourage pioneers with it to propose innovative ideas so that the Hodl Finance ecosystem will be ever growing.
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What is the marketing treasury?
What was the reason behind the marketing treasury?