Reflection (2%)

What is reflection?

Reflection, as many people know it, is often used by meme coins.
The Hodl Finance team sees reflection as an advanced smart contract mechanism to easily reward the community for holding on to HFT. No need for complex smart contract interactions like staking, liquidity providing or yield farming. Just hodl and you will be rewarded, how easy is that!?
Another important feature that reflection has is the fact that people are rewarded with tokens which are already circulating. This means no inflation but only deflation as your position in the maximum supply grows each time you are being reflected.

How do you benefit from it?

As described above, reflection is used to reward the dedicated hodlers of the Hodl Finance community. You benefit from it by just holding HFT in your web3 wallet and letting the smart contract calculations do the rest. This makes sure that everyone in the Hodl Finance ecosystem is evenly rewarded for their commitment.

How are reflection rewards calculated?

People with different amounts of HFT will also receive different amounts of rewards. It does not mean that the smart contract likes one person more than the other, it just means that the reflection is being calculated by weight.
Below an example: