Token allocation


Most of the total HFT token supply (50 percent) is airdropped to the community, namely by:
  1. 1.
    7.5 percent of our token is distributed through the #HodlToTheMoon game and was released immediately at TGE;
  2. 2.
    42.5 percent will be distributed equally through our trusted launchpad partners Launchpool, CyberFi, and Decubate. These tokens will have a vesting schedule of 3 months with 25 percent released at TGE.


The team will receive 10 percent of the total supply as compensation for establishing the Hodl Finance ecosystem. Their tokens will have a 6 month lock-up after which the linearly vesting schedule of 2.5 years will kick in. This ensures that the line of commitment positively impacts the best interest of the Hodl Finance ecosystem.

Development & Marketing

For our project to become a great success, financial resources are of course needed for Development & Marketing. For this reason, 10 percent is allocated to the departments Development & Marketing.

Liquidity Pool

A portion of the HFT tokens must be made available on a decentralized exchange. 10 percent will be used to start the Liquidity Pool. To start the liquidity pool 1/4 out of all raised funds in the Angel round will be used to put in BNB and determine the price of HFT.


Collaborations are hugely important for Hodl Finance’s innovation. Therefore, we allocate 5 percent of the HFT total token supply to our advisors that bring something to the table.

Angel investors

We are very grateful to our angel investors for their contributions and faith in Hodl Finance. Especially because they have paid twice the price at which the HFT token was launched. The total allocation that we made available for the Angel Investors is 15 percent.