Goal of the audits

Again, to be transparent and trustworthy, multiple audits were performed to prove that everything we created through smart contracts was checked for flaws. Of course we believe in our developers, but an extra pair of eyes could never hurt.

Certik audit

The audit by Certik was performed twice.
The first time everything looked great and we had a very nice score but since we had some minor issues at the day of launch we had to change the smart contract last minute. Bulksending the entire free supply of the HFT token would have cost us 10% network fee which originally had to be excluded. Therefore we changed the smart contract last minute and created a bulksender address ourselves which was then excluded from the network fee.
A lot of grey hairs later we successfully launched the smart contract of HFT but with an audit which did not match the previous commit hash.
Then we did the second audit which again was all fine. We got a nice score, got listed on the Certik leaderboards and even placed Hodl Finance on their Skynet program. Check out the audit report and Skynet here.

Morpheus Labs audit

Morpheus Labs performed the first audit.
To prepare for the big audit of Certik we chose Morpheus Labs to perform the first real check of the smart contract. They found some minor vulnerabilities but nothing serious, this made us secure enough to take the next step towards Certik.