Voting rights for all hodlers

Governance has been implemented so that the community will be the major decider whether changes, implementations or innovations will occur in the Hodl Finance ecosystem. Voting for trading pairs being traded in the foundation but also voting for new projects that will be incubated by Hodl Finance makes the indispensable link between you and the Hodl Finance ecosystem.
Voting will be done on-chain by reading out your wallet balance whenever you vote for the 'yes' or 'no' option. It will not be seen as a smart contract interaction so there is no risk of losing any tokens. We thought of this very thoroughly and we encourage you to vote, it will only cost a transaction fee which is approximately $0.30.
We encourage everyone to vote and let their voice be heard because that is the only way how we can reach perfect community governance!


To be able to cast a vote you need to have at least 1 HFT in your wallet. Voting is weight based so the more HFT tokens you own, the more voting power you have in the Hodl Finance ecosystem.

Trading pairs

As an example for Governance to improve the Hodl Finance ecosystem, the team will propose multiple fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies to be able to be voted on. The community then votes which cryptocurrency they think is the best for the Foundation. Important to note is that the community always has the final call. The votes will take place once in a while and provide diversifications of the funds available in the Foundation Trading Algorithms.

Future implementations

In addition to having a vote in which trading pairs are added to the foundation trading algorithms, the community also has the final vote in the future innovation of the Hodl Finance ecosystem. The Hodl Finance community gives the final green light on community proposals selected by the Council.
The active participation of the community through governance will make sure that the funds in the treasury will be spent in a responsible way. Hence governance ensures the sustainable growth of the Hodl Finance ecosystem.