Tier system

Introducing the system

Hodl Finance incubates all sorts of projects. It does not matter on which blockchain, it does not matter in what industry and it does not matter which people are behind it. If the case is solid and assessed by the Council, it is ready to be voted on by the community.
However, with all innovation there should be an indispensable link between the ecosystem and the project. The treasury pays for this innovation and we, as a community, make sure that it will become a success. Therefore, everyone should be rewarded and how better to do this than by implementing a tier system which is flexible for all sorts of projects.
From a business development point of view there will always be an interesting deal for the incubated project as well as for the Hodl Finance ecosystem and its Hodlers.

The 13 tiers

The Hodl Finance tier system exists of 13 tiers. It will not come as a surprise if we tell that the higher your tier is, the more benefits you will receive in the Hodl Finance ecosystem. But, since we will always support our small hodlers too, benefits will also be in it for them.
Important to know is that every incubated project inside the Hodl Finance ecosystem will have its own implementation in the tier system. What benefits and how these benefits will be given out to the community will be decided by the Hodl Finance team in combination with the team of the project that is being incubated. It means that if a project is incubated, we will always tell the community upfront what tier is needed to participate, how they can participate and what the benefits will be for the whole ecosystem.
Last but not least it actually does not matter how many HFT tokens you buy. With the reflection mechanism your amount of HFT will constantly grow which could eventually lead to a level-up in the tier system. So again, hodling HFT is being rewarded!