Bringing Rembrandt’s legacy and his most refined collection to the Metaverse.

The mission and vision

The Rembrandt Heritage Foundation had a vision to make all of Rembrandt's paintings accessible to anyone at anytime and to preserve it for future generations. So their mission started to digitally capture all of Rembrandt's 306 paintings and after a decade of hard work they finally managed to do so. Now that they digitally captured all paintings we will, together, create the MetaRembrandt museum after the sell of The Night Watch NFT set.

The Night Watch NFT collection

MetaRembrandt, our first incubated project bridges the gap between traditional art and the metaverse. Together we splitted one of the most famous paintings in Dutch history, the Night Watch into an NFT collection of 8,000 pieces. This is to keep the legacy of Rembrandt alive, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest Dutch artists in history.
The MetaRembrandt NFT collection is an initiative by the Rembrandt Heritage Foundation in honor of the late Prof. Ernst van de Wetering, a well-known Dutch historian who had a major hand in collecting and protecting many of Rembrandt's works. Every piece of Rembrandt’s Night Watch represents a unique part of that painting, which is a masterpiece in its own right, consisting of unique traits and various utilities.
The proceeds from the sale of the NFT pieces will be put into the creation of a Meta-Rembrandt Museum to honor the vision of Ernst Van De Wetering. This will forever establish Rembrandt's art in the Metaverse, making his art collections accessible to all.

Benefits for the Hodlers

Every incubated project in the Hodl Finance ecosystem benefits its community members. To be eligible for rewards, members of the community must be HFT holders. The RembrandtList is the list of addresses selected to mint a MetaRembrandt NFT. These can be email addresses or wallet addresses. Anyone Tier 4 or below can be a part of the public RembrandtList if you: join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You need to be Tier 5 (30 million HFT tokens) or higher to get a highly desirable private RembrandtList spot and Tier 10 (125 million HFT tokens) or higher to get a free NFT piece of the Night Watch! Collect one of the pieces and become a founder of the MetaRembrandt Museum.

Interested to take part in our first incubated project?

Take a look at the steps below to connect your wallet to the discord:
Step 1: Join the Hodl Finance discord server (
Step2: Navigate to the tier role channel (
Step 3: Click on “Let’s go!” Copy the link and paste it into your dApp browser connect your wallet and approve the transaction
You will be given a tier level according to your $HFT token amount upon completion of the above steps. Please note that it takes a few seconds to complete this process.

Find out more

More information can be found on the MetaRembrandt website and social media channels. Before visiting the channels make sure you always use the correct links for it to ensure safety.
Click on MetaRembrandt for the official links.