Ecosystem and partners

Hodl Finance DAO - Ecosystem and Partners Visualization
HFD strongly believes in the cryptocurrency market's success over the long term. To align with this belief, HFD will invest a portion of its garnered liquidity into promising ventures and projects. In addition to funding, HFD will also provide consultancy services to new projects to help them launch and succeed.
The DAO offers two options: ventures and investments.
Ventures will solely focus on funding, acknowledging that some projects prefer to work independently. Investments, on the other hand, provide both funding and consultancy services. This approach helps ensure that the projects that receive investment from HFD are successful, rather than simply being invested in without giving additional support. To maximize the potential return on investment, HFD provides support to its projects. If you have a project, review this page and apply for a partnership with HFD.

Why build with Hodl Finance DAO?

HFD is a pioneering community-governed Market Making and Investment DAO with a strong following of true Hodlers. The organization boasts a formidable team of experienced Core Contributors who possess extensive knowledge about the market and a wide network of connections to exchanges and key partners, crucial for the success of any start-up. By vesting all decision-making power with the token Hodlers, HFD has become a thriving and engaged community. Joining forces with HFD provides an opportunity to be connected to a vast network of community members, builders, and specialists. The purpose of HFD is not only to support its token holders but also to aid in the success of future ventures.

What can we offer?

  • Active and proactive community
    • A community-oriented approach where the opinions and interests of token Hodlers are prioritized.
    • A diverse range of builders within the ecosystem are dedicated to ensuring project success.
  • An ecosystem that works for the Hodlers
    • Core values of liquidity and stability are at the heart of the ecosystem.
    • Infrastructure that has been meticulously constructed to support the builders within the ecosystem.
  • Long-term experience with the crypto market
    • Access to a wide range of partners to meet various needs.
    • A thorough understanding and knowledge of how to perform well in bull- and bear-market conditions.
    • Expert advice, support, and a comprehensive understanding of the market to facilitate rapid growth.

Investment criteria

  • High-growth verticals.
  • Founders with grounded practical experience, excellent execution, and ‘founder-market fit’.
  • Great pre-product market fit and a good answer to ‘why now’.
  • Sizeable TAM (total addressable market).
  • Clear revenue model + predictable cash flow.
  • Well-thought-out token economy.
  • A clear understanding of Web3 community-building strategies.
  • Limited exposure to external risks that are not controllable.

Want to be part of the Hodl Finance DAO?

If constructing for the future brings you satisfaction, send your interest by completing the form below or send an inquiry to [email protected] if you have any questions.
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