By participating in Bonding Treasury swaps, you can acquire discounted $HFD. Opting for $HFD through Bonding Treasury swaps, however, not only grants you access to the tokens but also designates you as a liquidity provider for HFD its algorithm.
When you swap $ETH, $USDT, or $USDC, your funds will be utilized in the Market Making & Investments Layer, and in return, you'll receive staking rewards and governance power. Moreover, Hodlers indirectly benefit from the Market Making and Investments layer's profitability, as $HFD will be repurchased with Realized Profits and redistributed back to the Bonding Treasury, promoting continuous growth of the liquidity and the entire ecosystem.
Supply structure
The supply structure of $HFD is designed to create a long-term, growing, and adaptable ecosystem that supports the success of the DAO. $HFD has a limited supply of 1 billion tokens.
$HFD has extensive locking and vesting periods. It should reflect confidence in the sustained growth of the HFD ecosystem and the crypto industry as a whole.
Staking is an offered option within HFD. By participating in staking, Hodlers will receive $eHFD which opens all doors within the ecosystem. Stakers are in full control of their stake since staked tokens and rewards can be claimed anytime even when a "Force Unstake" is required.
Long term vision
The scarcity of $HFD will increase progressively as staking rewards decrease over time, and $HFD will be bought back constantly with the Realized Profits. In their turn, bought back $HFD will be sent back to the Bonding Treasury ready to be swapped once again to garner more liquidity.