HFD has implemented lock-ups and vesting schedules for its team, advisors, and operations tokens to align with the belief in the long-term viability of cryptocurrency and the overall ecosystem.
The token lock-up and vesting schedule is as followed:
Hodl Finance DAO - Token lock-up and vesting schedule

Bonding Treasury

At TGE, all tokens within the Bonding Treasury are considered circulating supply. However, all $HFD in the Bonding Treasury remains subject to lock-up periods when swapped for $ETH, $USDC, or $USDT. These lock-up durations range from one to five years, after which the $HFD will be unlocked.

Staking Treasury

Staking Treasury tokens aren't counted as circulating supply. Instead, 0.05% of its total is released daily, distributed among Single Side Staking (SSS) and Liquidity Pool Staking (LPS). Its supply decreases logarithmically, initially providing higher token amounts with lower value, gradually shifting to fewer tokens with greater value over time.

Team & Advisors

Team & Advisor tokens will not cause inflation during the first year since tokens will be applicable to a lock-up. Afterward, they will gradually enter circulation on a monthly basis. By the end of 36 months, all Team & Advisor tokens will circulate, exclusively dedicated to promoting the growth of Core Contributors and subcontractors.

Operations Treasury

As operations commence from the day of inception, distribution will also begin immediately. The total amount designated for the Operations Treasury will be vested over a 60-month period.

Early Backers

From the very beginning, tokens designated for Early Backers will be included in the circulating supply. This approach acknowledges and rewards those who supported the project in its initial stages.

Launch Incentives

All tokens designated for Launch Incentives will not be subject to vesting. These tokens will be treated as circulating supply, as they will be utilized for listings and supporting various launch-related activities.

Liquidity Pool

The tokens designated for the Liquidity Pool will be considered part of the circulating supply from the moment of inception, as they play a crucial role in establishing the initial market price and providing liquidity for trading.